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Custom Golf Flags

Custom Golf Flags
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I wanted to take a moment to recognize NorthStar and tell you how incredibly amazing it's been to work with you! A co-worker of mine referred me to NorthStar, as I had never worked with you before. From start to finish it's been absolutely wonderful! We had 3 days to produce custom flags and you all made it ... [Read More]
--Ashley Seland
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Our Custom Golf Flags and Custom Putting Green Flags are made by using our State-of-the-Art Jet Flo process. The great thing about Jet Flo printing is it allows you to be as creative as you want and at the same time use as many or as little colors as you desire for the same price. In comparison, pricing for screen printing is determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will be more expensive than 1. Jet Flo eliminates that totally. 8,000 color costs as much as 1 color . Also with this process your able to achieve gradients (fading of colors) with no problem. Since we use 1 of only 50 machines in the entire world that prints this way, we can literally duplicate almost any image!

Our Custom Golf Flags and our Custom Mini Golf Flags are excellent for both outdoor & indoor applications. The material we use is Super-Polynex (It is the best & most durable fabric available on the market today for this process). The material starts out white and then your image is printed directly onto the fabric using only the highest quality UV protected inks.This process transforms the white Super-Polynex into the colors of your design. Since the we print on one side, you have a show thru of the reverse image on the back at about 70% to 95%. The result is a GREAT looking golf flag!

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Need some help designing your perfect flag? No problem! Just give us a call and we can help you choose from over 150 pre-designed flags below. Made with the same quality and attention to detail as any of our custom printed products, you're sure to make the impression you desire. Want to change the color of the background? Add text? Place your name on the flag? You can get it just the way you want it. Give us a call at 800-958-3009 to place an order and we'll be happy to help!

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Customized Golf Flags As a Great Form of Advertising

A golf tournament is always considered as a major event. These are usually organized to raise funds for charities and foundations. These tournaments are popular among golf fans who come in droves to participate or to simply watch from the sidelines.

Sponsoring a golf tournament is a great opportunity for companies and local businessmen to advertise their products and services. And a more effective way of making your company known among the audience is by having customized golf flags spread throughout the golf course. These custom golf flags will bear the company logo which are like message flags for all the world to see.

So how can you increase your business' popularity with these customized golf flags?

1) Choose an attractive logo that will easily catch the eye of the audience. Your custom golf flags will be seen not only up close but also from a distance. It is important to take note of how it will look like when seen from afar. An attractive, obvious color would most certainly grab any persons attention, and have him more particularly aware of what is written on the custom printed golf flag.

2) Display the logo or name of your company or organization on the custom pin flags, and do it in such a way that it can be easily seen and read.

3) Keep in mind that one of the reasons why you are sponsoring the tournament is for the purpose of advertising your products or services. It would be pointless if your company would go unnoticed until the tournament is over. An eye-catching graphics or motto is always a plus. The more appealing your custom tournament flags are, the better. But make sure that it is not too distracting that even the players cannot take their eyes off it.

Making the most out of every opportunity that comes would really spell a difference in your sales and profits later on. These custom pin flags are a good mode of spreading the word regarding your company and the products or services it has to offer.

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