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Custom Street Pole Banners

Custom Printed Street Pole Banners
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I wanted to take a moment to tell you how great it's been to work with you! My father referred me to NorthStar because you had done a trade show exhibit for his company. The entire process exceeded my expectations and the pricing was awesome! We had 6 days to produce custom street pole banners and you guys did it ... [Read More]
--Diane Allen
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Street Pole Banner Hardware

Our Avenue Banners will liven up any street or business! Each banner is made using a dye-sublimation process from the sturdiest 13 oz. vinyl on the market. The great thing about dye-sublimation is it allows you to be as creative as you want and at the same time use as many or as little colors as you desire for the same price. In comparison, pricing for screen printed custom street pole banners are determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will be more expensive than 1. Dye-Sublimation eliminates that totally. 1 color costs as much as 8,000 colors. Also with Dye-Sublimation you are able to achieve gradients (fading of colors) with no problem. Each banner is double sided meaning the correct image is on both sides of the banner and each comes complete with top and bottom pole hems & 2 side grommets.

Some of our most common sizes are: 18"x36", 24"x48", 30"x60", 24"x72" and 30"x94". Don't worry though we can make light pole banners any size you may need. As you scroll down, you will see links to 100's of stock designs for avenue banners to choose from. You can customize them any way you would like. The designs are broken up into categories to make searching for a particular type of design easier. Were sure that if your looking for great idea's we'll have what you need. If you have your own graphic, no problem, just send it us and we'll get you a quote in minutes!

Advertising with Street Banners

Street banners are more commonly used for advertisements and promotions. Usually attached on flag poles, these are most convincing because of its colorful and eye-catching designs.

These banners are a plenty during festivals and on special occasions. Towns and cities would usually have series of banners decorating their street posts to advertise events, or its special features and attractions. These are also used often to promote a company logo, a special event, team or school.

For businessmen, banners are the most visual mode of advertising their trades. These promotional materials are effective and costs less than the usual forms of advertising like newspaper, tv or radio ads. At the same time, it extends on the target market more comprehensively because it is concentrated on a specific area alone.

Street banners are also works of art in itself. They are akin to paintings on a large canvass which are pleasing to the eyes. People will most likely take time to look at an attractive banner practically promoting everything that is written on it.

Street banners are usually made of vinyl which is a low cost form of outdoor advertisement. They are durable yet inexpensive, making it a more popular material not only for street banners but also for billboards, table banners and flags.

Street banners are almost equivalent to a magazine or newspaper ad, business card or a listing on the yellow pages but links the prospective clients directly to the business. Hiring a professional to create an attractive and effective banner and displaying it in a strategic place would surely attract more potential customers, thus, making street banners one of the most convincing form of promotional activities.

Street Banners make a GREAT Visual Impact!

Once when I visited a southern city, it struck me as unusual having all sorts of street banners mini flags being displayed at different intervals throughout the city, particularly on poles that dotted the main avenue from the airport. First, you are glued to one that says Media Month, then the Rotary International is having a conference, the fellow surgeons are well on its second day, the national association of lawyers are also around, and one other thing the Miami Heat is coming over for an NBA game.

When this form of advertising started during the 50s this was quite unique, but the times have changed it has become a form of advertisement that really brighten's up any area. Light pole banners provide ongoing support of these events. Besides, the presence of these street pole banners bring added dimension to the festive atmosphere, particularly during festivals, the 4th of July or The Christmas Season.

Normally light pole banners promote a special occasion, a product promotion, a city event, schools and teams out at the start of an annual sportsfest. But, always with a company logo is glaringly emblazoned across, the purpose is obviously for advertisements. The resulting designs are really eye-catching, colorful and beautiful with accompanying text and messages that are individually convincing.

Due to the popularity of this medium we here at NorthStar Flags and Poles have always strived to be above the rest and serve our clients with the best available street pole banners on the market. When it comes to banner reproduction, our company is set apart from the rest, simply because we have the finest equipment designed for this kind of job. In fact, we have in our arsenal one of the 50 high-end machines ever developed to do this type of work.

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