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Custom Table Banners

Custom Table Banners
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These Table Throws, Table Runners and Table Drapes are made with Eco-Friendly Inks in our State-Of-The-Art Dye-Sublimation Process. The great thing about Dye-Sublimation is it allows you to be as creative as you want and at the same time use as many or as little colors as you desire for the same price. In comparison, pricing for screen printing is determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will more expensive than 1. Dye-Sublimation eliminates that totally. 1 color costs as much as 8,000 colors . Also with Dye-Sublimation you're able to achieve gradients (fading of colors) with no problem. Since we use 1 of only 50 machines in the entire world that prints this type of Dye-Sublimation we can literally duplicate almost any image!

Excellent for indoor applications, the material we use is Wrinkle Resistant Poly Poplin. The Poly Poplin starts out white and then your image is heat set into one side of the material (using the highest quality UV protected inks) which in turn transforms the white Poplin into the colors of your design. We can also use materials such as Satin & Dacron for indoor or outdoor use. The end result is the best looking Table Banners, Table Runners & Table Throws available.

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Table Banners

Trade show marketing thru custom table banners has become one of the most effective and innovative ways for a business to promote their products and services at any event.

Having a professional looking booth is key. Table banners help promote your business while also giving the right image you need.

This manner of promoting is very effective because your target market is right in front of you looking at your products or services at your booth . Table banners are another popular choice for meetings, seminars & school events. They are practical, attractive and effective.

For fund-raising drives, customized table banners which display the object of the activity would attract more donors. Not only does the table banner immediately spell out the purpose of the fund raising, but gives out an impression of a well organized and well planned activity. It shows the seriousness and dedication of the organizers to the cause of the fund-raising.

Aside from sports flags like NFL team flags, table banners are also popular in sports tournaments bearing the logos and marks of the companies. Spreading the name of the business in every opportunity that comes makes a good advertising. Notice that these sports tournaments are often telecast over sports channels and one of the first things that a viewer would see is the colorful table banners displayed in the commentators area. Thus, without any further talk, the banner speaks for the company. simple yet it works all the time.

Customize your table banners by using attractive and solid colors. The goal here is to attract the people to look at the logo. A bland color would merely get lost in the background, making it unnoticeable.

Catch Attention with Table Banners

Consider yourself in a large area where the only furniture are tables arranged in arrays. Also imagine that each table represents companies out to show wares or display related products. This being the case, each company must outwit the other to win the majority of visitors and patrons. On your part, can you think of a strategy that can effectively lure everybody and beat all aspiring oppositions? Well, maybe start out with hand held giveaways or put up banners and streamers. But, what is most important is the aesthetic appeal of the table? Especially with a really attractive table banner draped over it, you have already the edge. Then maybe what color will be used or do I need characters to spice it up?

Custom table banners are important aspects in public events such as job fairs and trade shows. It not only adds color to your booth, but rather it gives an impression of prestige to your company or organization. Normally, spectators are drawn to booths that have simple designs but directly convey its messages as opposed to those with flashy colors and ornaments that do not necessarily communicate. It is but important that a fitting table banner be used, because it becomes a symbol of the company or organization with a proven track record. Solid colors are best for table banners since it gives an aura of strength, reliability and sense of purpose. Likewise it provides a strong presence to your booth plus its durable and stain free even after days of continuous use. Flashy colors on the other hand are not advisable since itís too intimidating, but if your intention is to follow literally the company prescribed combination, then a more subtle shade of the same color will do

If the selection of colors will be a primary consideration, then let NorthStar Flags and Poles help you. We have in our color chart 8,000 varying shades that will really be a big help in the process.

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