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Utility  Markers
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Flag Markers in the City

In the busiest part of the city, we always find warning devices that protect us from injuring ourselves, damaging other properties or accidentally hitting a pipe or cable. It could be attention flags or danger flags. When we are riding on our cars, we have the stoplight to follow. In walking across a street, we have pedestrian lanes as well as stop and go signals. Whenever an open manhole is up ahead, we see warning posts telling us to take caution. Considering the number of different signs in our midst, it is but important that the markers should catch the attention of passersby. Putting up unattractive markers might not serve its purpose of warning persons from impending danger.

By now, you’re probably thinking that the best warning device must be huge so that passersby would be able to see it a couple of meters away. But then this is not advisable because it takes too much space and its size might even harm the person it intends to warn. So what characteristics should a warning device have? It must not be too bulky and massive; it must be of light materials properly designed because most people are attracted to signs that are pleasing to the eyes. Colors used must be strong and not glaring so that the message can be read clearly when done legibly. Usually, it is best to use flag markers because people will almost always stop and look at what is written on it and some take extra caution when flag markers are visible, because always it means that something dangerous is afoot

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