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Custom Golf Flag -Personalize Your Own Custom Golf Flag !


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Product Description

Click to view over 130 designs to choose from for your personalized golf flag!

Our Custom Golf Flags are made by using our State-of-the-Art Dye Sublimation process. The great thing about Dye-Sublimation is it allows you to be creative as you want and at the same time use as many or as little colors as you desire for the same price. In comparison, pricing for screen printing is determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will more expensive than 1. Dye-Sublimation eliminates that totally. 1 color costs as much as 8,000 colors . Also with Dye-Sublimation you able to achieve gradients (fading of colors) with no problem. Since we use 1 of only 50 machines in the entire world that prints this type of Dye-Sublimation we can literally duplicate almost any image!

Our Custom Golf Flags are excellent for both outdoor & indoor applications. The material we use is Dacron (It is the best & most durable substrate available on the market today for this process). The material starts out white and then your image is heat set into one side using only the highest quality UV protected inks.This process transforms the white Dacron into the colors of your design. Since the transfer is only put on one side, you have a show thru of the reverse image on the back at about 60%. The result is a GREAT looking golf flag!

PLEASE NOTE: Ordering via the internet is NOT the best way to place an order for custom flags & banners. Every one of our customers has unique needs. Speaking with one of our project specialists is always the best and most time effective way to get your order placed. Also getting answers to any questions you may have is a snap when you call so please call us at 800-958-3009.

Pricing reflects a quantity of 18 flags w/ 2 grommets with the same design. Tubes are available, please ask for pricing. If you need less or more than 18, no problem , the minimum is 1. Give us a call we can help !

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